Smite 2 Leaves 1,600 Skins Behind, But There’s A Catch


  • Smite 2 was announced, but the original game’s skins won’t transfer over to the sequel.
  • Divine Legacy rewards long-time Smite players with yearly progression rewards and special badges to showcase achievements.
  • Cross-gen skins are coming to Smite but will require the purchase of the Smite Legacy Pass DLC.

Smite 2, the highly-anticipated third-person MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games, just announced a surprise sequel to the game. Still, not everyone is happy, as the game’s developers announced that skins purchased in the original Smite will not transfer over to the new game. While this wouldn’t be an issue for those who have never played the free-to-play game, it might ruffle the feathers of those who have spent a lot of money on the original title. Luckily, the developers have created new systems to reward those who stuck by the game over the years it’s been released.

Divine Legacy and Legacy Gems are two new features that will hopefully soften the blow for anyone who’s spent a lot of money in Smite. According to the developers, because Smite 2 is such a huge leap in game engine technology (Smite 2 uses Unreal Engine 5 while Smite used UE3), a new skin produced for the title will take a pretty astounding two months to port over to the new game.


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What Are Smite 2 Legacy Gems?

Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy logos in front of an image of Zeus.

Legacy Gems are a new currency form that can be used to get a discount on Smite 2 in-game purchases. Every Gem acquired (free or purchased) in the original Smite will produce a Legacy Gem in Smite 2. Legacy Gems can then be used in Smite 2 to get 50% off most purchases in the store. Essentially, Legacy Gems equate to a half-off discount in Smite 2 for new cosmetics, events, and battle passes until all of a person’s Legacy Gems have been spent.

Those who purchase a Smite 2 Founders Pack will receive double Legacy Gems.

Smite 2 Divine Legacy Rewards Long-Time Smite Players

Smite 2 logo with Zeus and other gods next to it.

Divine Legacy is a new feature coming to Smite in Year 11 that will affect both Smite and Smite 2 players. Divine Legacy rewards long-time players by providing different rewards for their progression every year they play Smite, and goes back to Year 1. Statistics like Gods mastered, ranked matches won, and skins unlocked will provide points to purchase rewards.

Special Legacy Reward Smite 2 badges will also be added so that players can showcase their achievements in the game.

Each year players have played Smite, they’ll unlock a Legendary Skin in Smite 2 for up to 11 unique skins total. Smite players will also be rewarded by receiving a free Tier 5 and Tier 4 Smite 1 skin for those who decide not to pick up the sequel. Divine Legacy will persist throughout Year 11 and should continue for the foreseeable future.


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Cross-Gen And New Tier 5 Skins Coming To Smite

Those who are unsure of whether they want to hop right into the action of Smite 2 but still want special cosmetic items will be relieved to hear that new cross-gen skins will be coming to the game. These new Smite skins will work for both games. The first of these will be the Untamed Bellona and Batty Bat Jing Wei skins, which can be unlocked with the purchase of the Smite Legacy Pass DLC.

While only time and the community response will determine whether the new Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy rewards will satisfy players enough to want to buy skins in Smite 2, it is still yet to be seen. That said, it should hopefully soften the blow to those who have spent a lot of money on cosmetic items in the original game and who plan to play the sequel.

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