Star Trek Just Upgraded TOS’ Talosians into a Major New Galactic Threat


  • Talosians, the powerful alien race from the Original Series, are elevated to a galactic threat in Star Trek: Defiant #10.
  • Starfleet has kept the Talosians prisoner on their planet, but a group has managed to escape, causing nervousness and potential conflict.
  • Worf realizes the moral wrongdoing of Starfleet’s treatment of the Talosians and takes steps to rectify the situation.

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek: Defiant #10!

Star Trek just upgraded a surprising species, the Original Series’ Talosians, to a massive galactic threat. Introduced in “The Cage,” the first ever episode of Star Trek, the Talosians have kept a low profile since, only making a handful of appearances on-screen and in licensed works. Now, the Talosians’ find themselves front and center once again in Star Trek: Defiant #10–and have been elevated to a true galactic threat.

Star Trek: Defiant #10 is written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Mike Feehand and Pow Rodrix. Readers learn that in the years since first contact with the Talosians, Starfleet has (sort of) lifted the planet’s quarantine, allowing for limited contact. Worf and his crew discover that Starfleet will not allow the Talosians to leave their world, effectively keeping them prisoner. At the end of the issue, Worf leaves a runabout with the Talosians, and a text piece, made to resemble a Starfleet briefing, reveals that a group of Talosians have been spotted traveling the galaxy.

Image of 3 Talosians staring at a runabout

Starfleet personnel are to approach them with extreme caution.

The Talosians Have a Long Star Trek History

Text piece about the Talosians who escaped in the runabout

The Talosians, one of the first alien races ever seen on Star Trek, are also one of its most powerful. Their world was devastated by nuclear war centuries prior, and the survivors retreated underground. There, they developed fantastic mental powers, allowing them to create highly realistic illusions. They lure Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise to their planet, desiring to use them to repopulate their world. The encounter rattled Starfleet so much they quarantined the planet, threatening the death penalty on anyone who visited it.

Now, Star Trek: Defiant #10 shows that Starfleet flipped the dynamic with the Talosians. Throughout the issue, readers get the impression that the Talosians deeply regret what happened with Captain Pike, but Starfleet has turned them into prisoners in their own world. The Talosians’ Worf and company meet, living a century after first contact, merely want to leave their world and explore the galaxy, just like Starfleet. Worf initially feels this is a bad idea, but comes around. Worf realizes that what Starfleet has done to the Talosians is morally wrong, and takes steps to rectify it.


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Will the Talosians Declare War on the Federation?

Star Trek - The Cage - Talosian

However, Worf may have unleashed a new threat to the Star Trek universe. Prior, the Talosians were confined to their home world, and showed no interest in leaving. This made it easy for Starfleet to quarantine the planet, but in the century since, the Talosians have had time to think, reflect and grow. Starfleet, on the other hand, stuck to business as usual, leading to resentment. Now that a group has escaped, Starfleet is nervous about the ramifications. A race of powerful telepaths and illusionists traipsing around the galaxy is a frightening thought, and Starfleet will no doubt take precautions to bring them in.

Star Trek: Defiant #10 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

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