Star Wars Sets Up The Shocking Fate Of A Fan-Favorite Clone Trooper Squad


  • Clone Force 99 will rescue Omega and likely Crosshair from the Empire’s secret cloning facility run by Doctor Hemlock.
  • Doctor Hemlock has seemingly corrupted Delta Squad, the elite team of clones from the Republic Commando games and novels.
  • Delta Squad may have become Hemlock’s elite guard, though Clone Force 99 will hopefully stage a clone revolution to free them and all the other commandos.

Star Wars is setting up a tragic fate for one of its most popular clone trooper squads. As seen in the new trailer for The Bad Batch’s final season, the Empire’s Doctor Hemlock plans to experiment on all the clone troopers who have been discarded in favor of the Imperial stormtrooper. However, his clone bodyguards look very familiar.

As seen in the new trailer for The Bad Batch season 3, Clone Force 99 will be working to rescue both Omega and likely Crosshair from the Empire’s secret cloning facility hidden within Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland. Meanwhile, Doctor Hemlock’s cloning experiments will continue in support of Emperor Palpatine’s desire to secure the Empire’s future. To that end, it seems as though Hemlock has corrupted none other than Delta Squad, the elite team of clones from 2005’s iconic Republic Commando video game and subsequent novels.


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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3’s Trailer Appears To Show Delta Squad

Have Boss and Fixer Joined Scorch?

Led by Clone Sergeant “Boss”, Delta Squad’s roster included “Scorch”, “Fixer”, and “Sev”. Although the Republic Commando game has since become non-canon following Disney’s 2012 continuity purge, Delta has effectively re-canonized in the third season of The Clone Wars via a brief cameo appearance. Likewise, Scorch alone was featured in the first season of The Bad Batch when Clone Force 99 discovered the Empire was using Republic commandos to train its newly enlisted stormtroopers.

Now, The Bad Batch season 3 trailer sees Scorch flanking Hemlock as the head of the Empire’s Advanced Science Division speaks with Emperor Palpatine. However, he’s also joined by two other commandos with glowing blue visors, a notable difference compared to the legions of other commanders standing at attention on either side. To that end, it’s quite possible that this could very well be Boss and Fixer, the surviving members of Delta Squad (Sev was designated MIA at the end of the game).

Although their armor is gray compared to the orange and green accents Boss and Fixer used to wear, the same repaint was also done to Commander Cody’s armor before he defected in The Bad Batch season 2. As such, Delta may have very well become Hemlock’s elite guard, having been corrupted to serve the Empire like so many other clone troopers.

How Did The Clone Troopers’ Elites Wind Up With The Empire?

Training The New Imperial Stormtrooper

Delta Squad in Clone Wars

As was confirmed by the Republic commando Gregor whom Clone Force 99 rescued in The Bad Batch season 1, the Republic commandos were seen as incredibly valuable assets who could train their new stormtroopers. Once the Empire has enough non-clone forces who are combat-ready, it follows that these commandos will eventually be discarded or used as test subjects by Hemlock. With any luck, Clone Force 99 and more clone defectors will be able to stage a clone revolution in the upcoming season of The Bad Batch, one where Delta Squad could perhaps be freed from the Empire’s grip.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 3 Poster Showing a Painted Battle Damaged Clone Helmet

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an action-adventure animated series set after the events of The Clone Wars, following Clone Force 99 (a.k.a. the Bad Batch.) Finding themselves immune to the brainwashing effects of Order 66, the Bad Batch become mercenaries for hire while outrunning the empire, now seeing them as fugitives of the law.

Release Date
May 4, 2021

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