Tammy Slaton’s Sexual Orientation Revealed After Trans Flag Confusion


  • Tammy Slaton, known for her weight-loss journey on 1000-Lb Sisters, revealed her sexual orientation and clarified that she is a lesbian.
  • Tammy stopped engaging with men after her husband’s death and embraces love for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • While Tammy used to identify as pansexual, she now identifies as a lesbian and considers herself a supporter of everyone.

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is revealing her sexual orientation after creating massive confusion by implying she was transgender. Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton had been on weight-loss journeys for several years, as documented on the reality TV series. Tammy’s transformation took place at a weight loss rehab facility in Ohio where her weight dropped from 717 pounds to 550 pounds, making Tammy qualify for weight loss surgery. By October 2023, Tammy lost 363 pounds. Tammy met Caleb Willingham at the same rehab center where they married in November 2022. Tammy has been single since Caleb’s sudden death last year.

Tammy conducted a Q&A session with her fans on TikTok on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, when she was asked about her sexual orientation.

Tammy said that she used to say she was “pansexual” at first. However, Tammy “stopped messing” with men after her husband passed away. So, I’m like lesbian,” Tammy admitted in her video.Love is love. Everybody deserves love.” Tammy had previously shared a transgender pride flag emoji on social media. That’s why one of her fans wanted to know if Tammy was trans. “No I’m not trans, I’m just a supporter of everybody,” Tammy replied.


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Tammy Slaton Reveals Why She Added Trans Flag To Social Media Posts

1000-Lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton wearing a blue dress and is in tears.

Tammy said that she was just showing support. According to Tammy, everyone deserves love whether they are “gay, straight, trans, pan, bi, nonbinary.” Tammy says she is “just a lover.” Tammy also had a message for fans who have an issue with her sexuality. Tammy posted a different TikTok where she told her critics that it wasn’t her problem if they didn’t like her. “It’s yours bi***,” Tammy declared. Tammy opened up about her sexuality in a February 2021 episode of 1000-Lb Sisters. She was with her now ex-boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, at a restaurant when Tammy came out to him as pansexual.

Tammy had been dating Jerry for two years. “It means love is love,” she’d told him. “I would date anybody whether they’re transgender, straight, gay.” A confused Jerry had asked whether that would mean Tammy would date a transgender man. “Yeah. Or girl. It’s about how they make me feel, not how they look,” Tammy had told him. In her interview, Tammy told the cameras that she always thought she was bisexual. She’d then started talking to a friend who was pansexual and asked the friend what it meant. Tammy realized she was pansexual too because she “wouldn’t mind being with someone who’s transgender, or whatever.”

Tammy and Jerry started dating when she was looking for love on a dating site for plus-sized women. Tammy did not want to leave Jerry even though her family was against her dating him. While 1000-Lb Sisters viewers thought Tammy and Jerry broke up because she came out as pansexual, it was later revealed that Jerry was still married when he was dating Tammy. His wife allegedly found out about the relationship through TV. Tammy was later married for about six months to her late husband, Caleb. He died at the age of 40 years old in June 2023.

1000-Lb Sisters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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