Taylor Hale Reveals The Worst Eggnog Shake On Big Brother Reindeer Games


  • Taylor Hale, winner of Big Brother 24, expressed her reaction to the eggnog challenge on Big Brother Reindeer Games, mentioning that the “BBQ” flavor was the worst due to its texture.
  • Despite her reservations about the flavors, Taylor used her tasting skills to her advantage and won the competition, securing her spot in the final Reindeer Games.
  • Throughout the season, Taylor has demonstrated her competitiveness, forming alliances and strategically navigating the game.

Big Brother Reindeer Games star Taylor Hale shared her reaction to one of the recent challenges on the series where the competitors had to taste some interesting iterations of eggnog. Taylor, who was the winner of Big Brother 24, has been adamant that she wanted distance from reality TV after the way she was treated on the series. After experiencing some intense bullying in the BB house, Taylor was able to align with people who eventually had her back and helped her through the game. Taking her game into her own hands by the end, Taylor was the first ever player to win the game and America’s Favorite Houseguest.

In a recent episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games, Taylor and several other competitors were tasked with drinking some interesting flavors of eggnog that were meant to make them a big uneasy. Each eggnog was created to symbolize a style of food, like fast food or seafood, and players were meant to identify one ingredient in the eggnog to win points in the game. On Twitter, Taylor shared that “the BBQ” eggnog was the worst one, explaining, “Blended chicken, beef, hot dog amongst other stuff…none of them actually tasted awful, it was the texture that would always get me [nauseous].”

How Is Taylor Hale Doing On Big Brother Reindeer Games?

Promo shot of Taylor Hale from Big Brother Reindeer Games

While Taylor may not have been excited about the eggnog flavors, she was able to use her taste buds to her advantage and win the competition, securing herself a spot in the final Reindeer Games. Throughout BB Reindeer Games, Taylor has shown that she’s a true competitor. With a target on her back being one of the winners in the game, Taylor came into Big Brother Reindeer Games season 1 knowing she’d have to work hard to strategize, make strong social connections, and win competitions in order to move forward in the game. She quickly formed multiple alliances, doing her best to keep herself safe on all sides.

Early on in the competition, Taylor worked under the radar and tried to allow other big threats to take each other out, playing as stealthily as possible. As the game continued, she knew she had to work hard and try to win her way through competitions, still gauging who she’d be able to trust socially. When she had to make a difficult decision in the most recent episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games, Taylor showed her strategic prowess and held strong to her beliefs, putting her game first. It’s possible she could make Big Brother history and be the first three-time winner on the series.

Taylor may have been in the Big Brother community for only a short time, but she’s definitely made her mark on the series in a profound way. Not only has Taylor advocated for those who haven’t been able to stand up for themselves in moments of discrimination, she’s worked hard to ensure that she is the strongest player possible. Taylor’s time on Big Brother Reindeer Games has proven that she has the strength and ability to become a true Big Brother legend in the future.

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