The 1 Twilight Movie Scene The TV Reboot Will Find It Almost Impossible To Beat


  • Adapting Twilight to television will be challenging, especially in terms of surpassing the iconic baseball scene from the movies.
  • The original baseball scene is considered the peak and any attempt to recreate it in the show may seem like a lesser version.
  • The television series should take a different approach to the baseball scene to establish itself as something new and exciting.

The act of turning the Twilight film franchise into a television series is already a big task, but this task is going to be made even harder by one beloved scene from the movies. Twilight is a paranormal drama franchise that originated as books written by Stephenie Meyer, and was later adapted to film starting in 2008. The story follows Bella Swan, a teenage girl who moves in with her father and forms a bond with a mysterious boy named Edward, who turns out to be less human than she originally thought. Twilight is now being adapted to television.

There are many hurdles that are going to have to be overcome when adapting Twilight to television. Because the films have been a part of popular culture for so long, it will be hard not to be influenced by them, especially when it comes to their successes. However, because television is a different format, the movie’s best parts will not always be the show’s best parts. And in fact, there are some aspects of the Twilight movies that will struggle to be as good on the small screen, simply because the first iteration was already perfectly done.


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The Twilight TV Show Will Struggle To Top The Movie’s Baseball Scene

Rosalie as the batter during the Twilight baseball game

One scene in particular that may flounder in the Twilight television series is the baseball scene. Though the Twilight franchise as a whole has many iconic moments, deemed both good and bad, the baseball scene tops them all. It occurs in the very first Twilight movie, when Bella is first spending time with Edward and the Cullens. They play a good old-fashioned game of baseball that is magically enhanced by the Cullens’ vampire powers. The scene is also played up by Twilight’s tell-tale blue gothic aesthetic and the thunderstorm that rolls in, leaving everything looking dark and dangerous.

The Twilight reboot series may have a hard time with the baseball scene because it is already so iconic. From the soundtrack, “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse, to the original cast’s undeniable chemistry, it will be hard to make something better. To many, Twilight’s original baseball scene is at its peak, and any new version of it will feel like a thin recreation in comparison. Overall, there is really nothing to be done to make the show’s baseball scene shine. The original scene will inevitably be better due to its overwhelming nostalgia factor.

The Twilight TV Show Has To Take A Different Approach To The Baseball Scene

Edward (Robert Pattinson) outside school in Twilight (2008)

The only hope that the Twilight TV show has is to make its baseball scene entirely different. The worst thing the series can do is try to recreate the magic of the original scene, because it will almost always fall flat compared to the movie. However, if the Twilight television series tries to make its baseball scene entirely different, from the visuals to the music, then it could cement itself as something completely new, but just as exciting. This will be a hard task to take on, but in the end, it could make or break the Twilight television debut.

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