The Black Phone, M3GAN, Gremlins, Chucky & Suitable Flesh Creatives Talk Horror


  • The Horror genre received acclaim and awards at the 51st Saturn Awards, with
    Talk to Me
    winning Best Horror Film and
    winning Best Independent Film.
  • Horror projects and individuals received nominations in various categories, including Best Film Direction, Best Film Writing, and Best Younger Actor.
  • Screen Rant interviewed horror creatives, including Violet and Madeleine McGraw, Heather Graham, Zach Galligan, and Don Mancini, discussing their horror hits and future projects in the genre.

After already enjoying a strong year at the box office, the Horror genre enjoyed plenty of acclaim at the 51st Saturn Awards. In addition to the genre-focused category, in which the viral hit Talk to Me brought home the Best Horror Film award, horror projects also landed nominations in Best Film Direction for said movie’s duo Danny and Michael Philippou. Other nods included Best Film Writing for Mia Goth and Ti West’s Pearl, Goth for Best Actress, Sophie Wilde for Best Supporting Actress in Talk to Me, both The Boogeyman‘s Vivien Lyra Blair and M3GAN‘s Violet McGraw for Best Younger Actor and Evil Dead Rise for Best Make-Up.


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While attending the year’s event, Screen Rant host Kevin Polowy interviewed M3GAN‘s Violet McGraw, The Black Phone‘s Madeleine McGraw, Gremlins vet Zach Galligan, Chucky creator Don Mancini and Suitable Flesh‘s Heather Graham to discuss their various horror hits and their futures in the genre.

Horror Genre Creatives Share Their Stories On The Saturn Awards Red Carpet

Violet & Madeleine McGraw

Screen Rant: Are you guys trying to tell us something walking down together? Is there going to be a crossover? Is M3GAN going to go after The Grabber? What’s happening here?

Madeleine McGraw: Hey, that would be a very cool crossover, if you ask me. I would be down to see that.

Violet McGraw: That would be very cool, I would be so down! That would be amazing.

What was it like to watch not only M3GAN become a cultural phenomenon, but especially that dance? What was that process like?

Madeleine McGraw: I was literally sending her TikTok videos of people doing the dance! I was like, “You’re trending, oh my God.”

Violet McGraw: I think it was so cool, and I was just so grateful to be a part of that experience. M3GAN is so iconic, and that dance was so insanely cool and I think it’s so cool.

Madeleine McGraw: Another thing that was trending was when M3GAN would crawl away. We did that trend a lot on TikTok as well.

That was a rare horror movie I could watch with my kids. The Black Phone, not as much.

Madeleine McGraw: No, I’d say that’s a little scarier.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Heather Graham

What can you tell us about your horror film?

Heather Graham: Well,
it’s called Suitable Flesh
, and it’s a horror body-swapping movie. I get to swap bodies, and I play a therapist with an evil demon.

Would you generally say you’re a big genre fan? Is horror one of your things?

Heather Graham: No, I get too scared. I like straight-up, happy, comedy, rom-coms.

What is the most scared you’ve ever been in a movie theater?

Heather Graham: When I watched Silence of the Lambs, I was so scared, I wasn’t able to sleep that night. It was so scary.

Did you ever get to meet Anthony Hopkins?

Heather Graham: No, but someone told me Jodie Foster was here today. I am obsessed with her.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Zach Galligan

What has it meant to you to be a part of introducing the Gremlins-verse to a whole new generation?

Zach Galligan: Anytime you’re a part of a franchise like this, you want to broaden the audience space. And I think Secrets of the Mogwai is a really clever way of doing that. It’s essentially taking the 0 to 15 demographic and showing them the mythology, the rules, everything. It’s a beautiful way to introduce people to the franchise and to broaden the base.

It’s one of those things you always hear whispers about. Will we ever see another live-action Gremlins movie? What is your opinion on this? Do you think it’ll ever happen?

Zach Galligan: I do. I think I can’t really figure out why Warner Brothers would do two seasons of the animated series, and spend a lot of money on it, unless there was some kind of endgame. And usually the endgame for a huge studio like Warner Brothers Discovery is a live-action film. Live-action film is always where you’re going to make the most money. Super Mario Brothers just kind of disproved that, but other than that… It’s a very rare thing to make 1.4 billion like Super Mario Brothers did worldwide.

I think the endgame probably, I’m hoping, will be a third film. I don’t think it’ll be a reboot, though, because I’m pretty sure Chris Columbus has nixed that idea, and he owns part of the rights.

Yeah, I remember you telling me you email a lot with Joe Dante. Do you know how he feels about it? Could you see him involved in it?

Zach Galligan: I really don’t know. I know he was hard at work on season 2 of Secrets of the Mogwai, so I don’t even know if that’s crossed his desk.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Don Mancini

I’ve got one question for you. Chucky went to the White House. Where does he go next? Does he go into space?

Don Mancini: You know, people keep asking that specific question. My response is, to ask another question, “Do you want him to go to space?” Do you personally want him to go to space? I feel like if there’s enough of a demand for that, we’ll have to do that eventually. I don’t know how quickly, but I have an idea for that.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

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