The Perfect Dark Replacement Is On Prime Video (& Season 2 Is On Its Way)

Spoilers are ahead for Dark season 1.


  • Outer Range is the perfect replacement for Dark, featuring both time travel and interconnected mysteries.
  • Outer Range combines elements of sci-fi and Western genres, setting it apart from other time travel shows and modern-day Westerns.
  • In addition to the Abbott family’s personal drama, the mysterious void adds an unsettling and compelling element to the series.

For viewers who are missing Dark, Netflix’s three-season science-fiction thriller series, Amazon Prime Video has the perfect replacement show — and its second season is about to hit the streamer. Notably, Dark was Netflix’s first German-language original series, but what made the show so beloved was its unique approach to sci-fi, which also boasted hallmarks of the thriller and mystery genres. Co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, Dark opens in 2019 in the German town of Winden. When children start vanishing from the hamlet without explanation, double lives, shocking pasts, and dark secrets bubble to the surface.

Set across several different time periods, including 1986 and 1953, Dark becomes a generation-spanning mystery with troubling implications. Eventually, the town’s four main families — the Kahnwalds, Nielsens, Dopplers, and Tiedemanns — all make the same rather shocking discovery: there’s a time-bending wormhole located in the cave system beneath Winden’s nuclear power plant. While the underground wormhole is an upending revelation on its own, the conspiracy that comes to light — one that revolves around the missing children as well as the town’s very history — is even more compelling. Although Dark ended after three seasons, a new time-travel show is poised to fill its place.

Due to the dual writers’ and actors’ strikes, Outer Range is expected to return in 2024.

Outer Range Is Perfect For Fans Of Dark’s Time Travel Story

Royal out of the void surrounded by soldiers in Outer Range

Created by Brian Watkins for Amazon Prime Video, Outer Range is the perfect Dark replacement, especially for fans of the Netflix series’ unique spin on a time-travel story. The sci-fi neo-Western stars Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher and patriarch who’s trying to hold both his family and his land together. While the series’ protagonist sounds an awful lot like Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III, Outer Range‘s deeper premise is a far cry from Yellowstone. Royal does have his fair share of family drama, thanks to his wife and ranch owner, Cecilia (Lili Taylor), and his sons, Rhett (Lewis Pullman) and Perry (Tom Pelphrey).


10 Biggest Theories For Outer Range Season 2

From the show being a closed loop to Autumn’s alternate future, many Outer Range season 2 theories try to predict what’s next for the sci-fi Western.

However, it’s Autumn (Imogen Poots), a strange woman who appears on the Abbotts’ land, who causes the most uproar. Not only does the drifter camp out on the ranch, but a mysterious black void appears in the Abbotts’ pasture after Autumn’s arrival. In addition to Autumn, who needs Royal’s help, and the inexplicable void, the Abbott family grapples with the sudden disappearance of Perry’s wife, Rebecca (Kristen Connolly). When Brolin’s Royal Abbott starts to see connections between the void and time itself, Outer Range‘s unsettling, interconnected mysteries start to feel like an echo of the enigmas in Dark.

How Outer Range Sets Itself Apart From Other Time Travel Shows

Josh Brolin contemplates with his hat in his hands at night on his ranch in Outer Range.

Outer Range‘s unique mash-up of genres, like Dark meets Yellowstone, helps set it apart from other time-travel shows — and other modern-day Westerns. While the sci-fi bent clearly sets Outer Range apart from fellow neo-Westerns, it’s the focus on the Abbotts’ interpersonal drama that makes this fantastical series all-the-more compelling. With the ranch’s fate up in the air and the rival Tillerson family trying to take over the Abbott family’s land, Royal has quite a bit on his plate. The fact that he’s forced to confront the very nature of time itself only raises the stakes, especially as Outer Range season 2 nears.

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