The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Biggest Mystery Can Still Be Solved Without A Sequel


  • The success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie opens up opportunities for the franchise to branch out and tell different stories within the Mario universe.
  • Despite the lack of news about a sequel, the film’s post-credits scene with Yoshi can still be addressed through a potential spinoff centered around Yoshi.
  • Illumination can expand the Super Mario Bros. franchise in various ways, such as incorporating references in other Nintendo films or creating spinoff movies for characters like Donkey Kong and Princess Peach.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie ended with a bit of a mystery despite resolving the film’s main storylines, but they can still explain this mystery without a direct sequel. After an unprecedented box office success, The Super Mario Bros. Movie positions itself perfectly to branch out and make even more money in the future. The movie was a huge financial hit and was received well by audiences, making future films seem inevitable. While that may set up an immediate sequel that solves all the first movie’s problems and unanswered questions, recent updates suggest a second Mario film may not be on the way anytime soon.

Despite its popularity, there were still complaints that The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 needed to address. However, if that isn’t happening right away, the franchise could still pivot to appease its audience. Mario is a massive IP which would allow many other stories to be told without directly following up from the first movie. While this may mean deviating away from Mario and Luigi, this could still be a strong move since it would allow them to address the mystery teased in The Super Mario Bros. Movie post-credits scene. It could be the perfect way to introduce new characters while continuing to build a cinematic Mario world.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Update Doesn’t Bode Well For A Sequel

Mario and Bowser looking concerned in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The latest update regarding The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 isn’t great news for a potential sequel. Jack Black was a highlight as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie as he stole the show and became one of the most memorable parts of the film. Sadly, his recent comments revealed he hasn’t heard anything about a sequel. The disappointing update on The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 involved Black claiming “It has been radio silence.” This indicates that a second movie may not be on the cards anytime soon, especially if it can be assumed no voice acting has even been started for the project.

Black’s comments are concerning, as Illumination would likely want to capitalize on the first movie’s success. Grossing over $1 billion is no easy task, especially for an animated film, yet The Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to accomplish this. Even after such an impressive achievement, there are no signs of a Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel. This could mean the studio is working hard on addressing all the issues, making sure a sequel is of the best quality possible, hence why they are taking their time. If this is the case, there are still other ways the movie franchise can address the film’s biggest mystery.

There has been no official confirmation of The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 being in the works.

The Movie’s Post-Credits Yoshi Tease Can Still Be Addressed Without A Sequel

Yoshi and the Mario movie poster

During the post-credits scene, The Super Mario Bros. Movie teased Yoshi and his future could still be addressed without a sequel. Including the Yoshi egg hatching during these credits was an obvious set-up for a future appearance. Perhaps the plans have always been to have him involved in a direct sequel, but Yoshi could easily have his own spinoff instead. If The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 isn’t releasing anytime soon, a Yoshi spinoff could be a perfect way to address this mysterious post-credit scene. Considering Yoshi has his own set of games, he could also have his own movie series, without involving previously used Mario characters.

Yoshi is a fan favorite of the Mario games, making him the perfect character for a spinoff. While he can be involved in the Mario Bros. sequel and future main films, focusing on Yoshi’s Island could still be a fun concept that has enough relevance to draw an audience. The Super Mario Bros. Movie already set up other Nintendo franchises to get cinematic universes and there is no reason Yoshi couldn’t be one of them. This would be an ideal way to address the first film’s mystery while still leaving plenty of time to develop the sequel, giving fans a new product while Illumination crafts another potential $1 billion movie.


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Illumination Can Expand The Super Mario Bros. Franchise In Other Ways

Although The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2‘s future is unclear, Illumination can expand the franchise in many other ways. The Super Mario Bros. Movie being part of a shared Nintendo universe would be an easy way of expanding Mario’s cinematic world without even directly making another movie involved in the traditional Mario universe. Having small references in the upcoming Legend of Zelda movie or other future Nintendo films would add hype to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. There are also plenty of other Mario spinoff movies that Illumantion could easily focus on.

Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong could get his own movies as the character has plenty of video games that don’t involve the main Mario cast. Princess Peach has also become a more independent character in the gaming world lately, and with her character being a standout in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, she could also have her own spinoff which could introduce Princess Daisy. Nintendo and Illumination can also gamble on the success of Jack Black’s Bowser and give him his own spinoff since he is so enthusiastic about the project. There are numerous ways Mario’s movie franchise can expand and even without a sequel, there is lots of potential for the cinematic world.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario jumps to the big screen in The Super Mario Bros Movie, directed by Teen Titans Go! collaborators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and more appear in this animated comedy that pits the characters in an all-new adventure set in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. You can buy The Super Mario Bros. Movie right now for $13, down from its usual price of $20.

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