This Is What Lauren & Orion Need To Make Their Marriage Work


  • Lauren and Orion have had a rocky start to their marriage, with arguments and past mistakes causing resentment, but there are signs that they could rekindle their connection.
  • They need to let go of the past and focus on the positive aspects of their relationship in order to make progress and rebuild trust.
  • The experts on Married at First Sight need to step in and provide guidance and support to help Lauren and Orion navigate their issues and ensure they stay on track.

Married at First Sight season 17, couple Lauren Goodger and Orion Martzloff already separated this season but are on track to rekindle their marriage. However, there are certain things they need to do in order to work out. Lauren, 31, is a “certified lover girl” who had never dated outside of her race before marrying Orion. Orion, 27, is a proud Native American who wanted someone curious and accepting. Both wanted to learn about their partner’s cultures and foster a relationship built on trust and understanding.

Things took a turn for Lauren and Orion, however. They had a romantic spark from the beginning when they saw each other at the altar and even grew their chemistry on the first day of their honeymoon, but things changed as they endeavored to know each other deeper. Lauren made an insensitive “joke” about Orion’s culture that Orion could not get over. Moreover, they had several nasty arguments after Lauren revealed she had slept with someone three months prior to getting married, and Orion flip-flopped on being okay with that. Resentment grew in their short marriage, and Orion asked for a divorce. But there are signs their connection could reignite.


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Lauren & Orion Reunited At Michael & Chloe’s Wedding

Another Married at First Sight season 17 couple, Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown, had a mid-season wedding during the latest episode after the experts failed at matching Michael the first time around. This Married at First Sight first meant the other season 17 couples got to be in attendance at the wedding. Lauren and Orion got a lot of face time at the event and were able to hug out their differences. Michael and Chloe’s wedding was nostalgic and emotional for Lauren and Orion, who remembered how much hope they had at their own wedding just over a month prior (via Lifetime.)

Lauren & Orion Will Open Their Communication

Not all hope is lost for Lauren and Orion, according to the Married at First Sight season 17 mid-season trailer, and their wedding reunion might be the start of a new, more positive chapter in their marriage story. Coming up for viewers to witness is a sit-down between Lauren and Orion where Orion will express, “I would really like to build a bridge back to you because I am missing our connection.” Orion’s admission and attempt mean a lot since he was the one who was so adamant about wanting a divorce. But he may have just been reactionary when he asked for one and hadn’t sat in his feelings long enough.

At that time when Orion expressed interest in trying his marriage to Lauren again, viewers didn’t get to see Lauren’s response. However, another scene was shown in the trailer where Lauren and Orion were seemingly having a picnic. Lauren told Orion, “My emotions towards you are open to being open.” Lauren’s receptivity and Orion’s desire to revisit what they had are good signs for them getting back together and trying to be successful and not make the same mistakes.

Lauren & Orion Need To Let Go Of The Past

The arguments and exchanges Lauren and Orion had were uncomfortable to watch, and they severely deteriorated their views of each other (via Lifetime.) Lauren apologized profusely for her insensitive remark toward Orion, but Orion was fervent about not being able to look past it. Orion also couldn’t settle his feelings on Lauren’s recent sex life, which brought out the anger and frustration in Lauren who didn’t trust she could get a straight and honest answer out of Orion. If the pair are going to work out in their future attempts at reconciliation, they need to let go of the nasty arguments and impasses they hit during the honeymoon.

Starting fresh will allow Lauren and Orion to focus on the things they do like about each other. They were matched by the experts for a reason, and they need to explore their commonalities and appreciate that they want to learn more about each other’s cultures. If they get stuck on the harsh words they’ve said and uncomfortable situations they’ve encountered, then they won’t make the progress they need to in order to both say yes on Decision Day.

Lauren & Orion Need To Understand Each Other Better & Communicate CarefullyLauren and Orion from Married at First Sight season 17 laying in hammock together

Lauren and Orion both have the capacity and desire to be good communicators with each other, and they started their relationship wanting to foster a mutual understanding of one another’s backgrounds and cultures. Now that they know what buttons not to press and the approaches they need to take in order to be more sensitive toward each other, they can move forward carefully. They created an emotional bond quickly and had a mutual attraction, so if they can build on that and stay away from inflammatory topics while they are building back trust, they should be on a good trajectory.

The Married At First Sight Experts Need To Step In

The Married at First Sight experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Pia Holec, have a part to play in Lauren and Orion’s failures and their potential future successes. The experts did not step in soon enough when Lauren and Orion had their original friction over Lauren’s remark. Instead, the situation inflated, and Dr. Pia and Pastor Cal stepped in when it was too late, and resentment had already settled between them. The experts should have recognized that Lauren and Orion were derailing and coached them in a helpful direction. Moreover, they should have done more to help them reconcile at the time of their separation.

Lauren and Orion are poised to give each other another chance, and they will need the effective help of the experts to make sure they stay on course. Having frequent check-ins will help ensure things don’t get blown out of proportion again. The experts should encourage positive conversations that open up what Lauren and Orion like about each other. Furthermore, the Married at First Sight experts should give Lauren and Orion the tools to navigate sticky conversations and situations so that they don’t revert back to resentment and escalation. Lauren and Orion are both self-aware, but they need to be proactive, and they need help to connect again.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

Source: Lifetime/YouTube, Lifetime/YouTube

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Based on the Danish version of the series, Married at First Sight is a reality show/social experiment that gives singles a chance to find a lifelong partnership with one particular caveat: they must agree to marry a stranger arranged the moment they meet. Experts provide counseling and guidance as they help couples navigate their new marriage with their unknown partner and highlight the journey of the newlyweds from wedding to honeymoon to beginning their new lives together. At the end of eight weeks, couples will decide to stay married or divorce.

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