What Happened To James King From My 600-Lb Life After The Show?


  • James King, a former cast member on My 600-lb Life, passed away at the age of 49 due to kidney failure.
  • Before his death, James had lost over 300 pounds and was reportedly in a better place in his life.
  • My 600-lb Life has faced criticism for its treatment of cast members and its production company has been involved in a lawsuit.

In 2017, My 600-lb Life season 5 viewers met James King, who was one of the heaviest cast members to ever appear on the series, and it’s time to discuss what happened to him after his episodes aired. He initially weighed 791 pounds and had a lot of trouble slimming down while he was on the show. Unfortunately, James was dismissed from the series after failing to follow weight loss program rules and continued to face many issues in his life.

When he first began his weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life, James was bedridden. With the help of My 600-lb Life‘s Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, he hoped to regain control of his eating habits. He depended on his wife, Lisa Raisor King, and his children. His daughter even dropped out of school to look after her father. During his episodes, James had trouble identifying the source of his weight gain. When Dr. Now called Adult Protective Services on James’ wife, as he believed that she was sneaking food to James in the hospital, his stint on the weight loss show came to an end.


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My 600-Lb Life’s James Has Sadly Passed Away

On April 3, 2020, James King passed away at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, at 49 years old. Fans were heartbroken that he was gone, as many other My 600-lb Life stars have also died at young ages. A source revealed to The Sun that James went into septic shock and experienced kidney failure. The insider stated, “He [James] died of kidney failure. He has been suffering, but now he is no longer in pain.”

The source also shared that James had lost over 300 pounds since viewers last saw him on TV. Before his tragic passing, he was reportedly in a much better place in his life. “He weighed about 500 pounds when he passed away. He would have been proud of himself,” the insider remarked.

My 600-Lb Life’s James Struggled With Health Issues

Dr. Nowzaradan believed Lisa was enabling the My 600-lb Life star and his food addiction and derailing his weight loss. Shortly after this incident, the respected bariatric surgeon had no choice but to dismiss James from the program and the show. After the series, James continued to live with health issues. In late 2017, James was in the ICU due to sepsis, cirrhosis, and kidney failure. In 2018, James was featured in My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, a special episode for the series. The special revealed that James had gained weight since filming the show, reaching 840 pounds.

My 600-Lb Life has received criticism for its treatment of cast members, and its production company was recently involved in a lawsuit. The suit alleged that My 600-Lb Life caused emotional damage to its cast and purposefully misrepresented their struggles. One former star even claimed that the producers would force her to eat on camera to manufacture a storyline. Although the lawsuit against My 600-lb Life was ultimately dropped, whether the series helped its stars is debatable. James will be remembered for his efforts to make life better for himself and his family.

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