What Is Celestial Bronze In Percy Jackson? The Lore Behind Percy’s Sword Explained

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Percy Jackson & the Olympians season 1, episode 5, “A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers.”


  • Celestial bronze is a rare metal used to create magical objects and weapons used by gods and demigods in the Percy Jackson series.
  • Items made with celestial bronze have no effect on ordinary humans, only impacting gods, demigods, and monsters.
  • Percy’s sword, Riptide, is not the only object made from celestial bronze; other notable items include Annabeth’s knife and Zeus’ Master Bolt.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians is digging further into Rick Riordan’s lore as the series continues, and episode 5 reveals what Percy’s magical sword is made from: celestial bronze. Percy is given a pen that transforms into a sword by Chiron in Percy Jackson episode 1. It comes in handy on multiple occasions as Percy makes his way to Camp Half-Blood and embarks on his quest to find Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. Named Riptide, Percy’s sword is among the many magical items introduced in Riordan’s book series and its TV adaptation. Most are made from the same metal, which is introduced in season 1, episode 5.

During Percy and Annabeth’s excursion to Waterland in “A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers,” the pair realizes the Greek god Hephaestus has created the amusement park. Annabeth admires his work, while explaining to Percy that the entrance to the facility is made from the same metal as his sword. She calls it celestial bronze, and this is pulled straight from the pages of Riordan’s novels — though newcomers to the story might require more explanation about this aspect of Percy Jackson lore.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians episodes 1-5 are streaming on Disney+.

What Is Celestial Bronze In Percy Jackson & The Olympians?

The Rare Metal Serves An Important Purpose

Waterland Percy Jackson

In the Percy Jackson books and TV show, celestial bronze is a rare metal used to forge the magical objects and weapons used by the Olympian gods and demigods. It’s not the only ore used for such purposes — Imperial Gold and Stygian Iron exist in Riordan’s world, too — but it’s seen in many of the weapons that appear in the first Percy Jackson book series. Items made with celestial bronze take on a golden hue, something viewers can see with Percy Jackson’s sword in the Disney+ show.

Celestial bronze comes from Mount Olympus, with the Cyclopes mining it for the gods and demigods to use. In the show, viewers have only seen Hephaestus and the campers at Camp Half-Blood put the metal to use. More celestial bronze items will be introduced as the series continues. And there’s a specific reason this metal is used to craft Percy Jackson‘s weapons and magical objects — one Annabeth explains to Percy in Percy Jackson & the Olympians episode 5.

Why Celestial Bronze Was Used To Make Percy Jackson’s Sword

There’s A Reason Gods & Demigods Use It

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson next to the poster for Percy Jackson and the Olympians

As Annabeth tells Percy in episode 5, celestial bronze is used to create weapons like Riptide because it only affects the gods and those connected to their world. Items made with this metal have no impact on ordinary humans; as Annabeth says, Percy’s sword would go straight through a regular person without hurting them. It’s only demigods, monsters, and gods that need to worry about such things.

This is likely why demigods use this metal to craft their weapons. It helps keep their existence a secret and ensures there aren’t any unwanted casualties when they clash with monsters in public — something Percy Jackson & the Olympians suggests happens often. In the case of Waterland, Hephaestus uses celestial bronze entrances as a way to ensure only demigods or gods are able to enter the park.

Every Celestial Bronze Weapon & Item In Rick Riordan’s Books

Annabeth & Luke Both Have Celestial Bronze Weapons

Percy’s sword isn’t the only item made from celestial bronze introduced in Riordan’s books, and several other objects made from the metal have already appeared in the Disney+ show. Annabeth’s knife is made from celestial bronze. Luke’s sword, Backbiter, is also part celestial bronze and part steel. Poseidon’s trident and Zeus’ Master Bolt are made from the rare metal as well, and both are likely to show up before Percy’s story is through. It’s probably safe to assume most of the demigods at Camp Half-Blood have weapons that are at least partly made of celestial steel, and the gods themselves no doubt use it to their advantage.

Per, the Percy Jackson items confirmed to be crafted from celestial steel are as follows:

Percy’s Riptide

Annabeth’s knife

Luke’s Backbiter

Hades’ Helm of Darkness

Zeus’ Master Bolt

Poseidon’s Trident

The dagger Katoptris

Clarisse’s Maimer

Thalia’s spear

Thalia’s aegis

Orion’s eyes

Orion’s bow

Percy’s kopis

Many of these objects will appear throughout Percy Jackson & the Olympians, though some are depicted in Riordan’s other book series. Given that Hephaestus uses celestial bronze for his inventions, it’s possible the metal will crop up more frequently in the Disney+ show, too. The fact that the series takes the time to explain celestial bronze and its purpose is a testament to its faithfulness to the books. Perhaps Percy Jackson & the Olympians will dig into more book lore before season 1 is through, proving it’s the adaptation fans waited years for.


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