Who Will Be Murdered Next?


  • Kate Chastain is likely safe in episode 6 of The Traitors US season 2 since she just joined and hasn’t aroused suspicion.
  • Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen is unlikely to be eliminated due to having a shield and exhibiting trustworthiness.
  • Dan Gheesling is the most likely to be eliminated in episode 6, as his fear and confidence may lead to his downfall.

The Traitors US season 2 is in full swing, and it’s time to predict those most minor and likely to be banished or murdered in episode 6 next week. While it’s likely the Faithfuls could win The Traitors US season 2, they haven’t been particularly good at Traitor hunting. As one of the best reality TV shows, The Traitors US season 2 has garnered significant popularity. Those doing well and those on the chopping block can change week after week, like Larsa Pippen’s epic Traitors elimination.

Despite The Traitors US winds changing on a dime, some predictions exist for who could get murdered or banished in episode 6. Some players, such as The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber or Love Island‘s Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, have their eye on Traitor Dan Gheesling. However, there’s also been some heat on Survivor’s Sandra Diaz-Twine. While some predicted Janelle Pierzina would win The Traitors US season 2, she was out at last week’s round table, proving that suspicions can change quickly. Who’s most likely safe, and who’s going home after The Traitors US season 2, episode 5?

14 Kate Chastain

Least Likely To Get Eliminated

The Traitors US TV Series Poster

Release Date
January 12, 2023

Alan Cumming

Below Deck’s Kate Chastain returned to The Traitors US season 2 during episode 5, which had previously been confirmed. However, fans were unaware of the context in which Kate would play. She joins the game as a Faithful and is not too impressed with how her fellow Faithfuls play. Kate is likely safe since she just joined the crew and hasn’t aroused any suspicion.

13 Carsten “Bergie” Bergerson

Unlikely To Be Eliminated


Bergie got a shield at the right time. After Janelle’s elimination, Bergie told Dan he would be gunning for him after the round table unless he comes up with a plausible argument about why he’s not a Traitor. At the Traitor’s meeting, Dan begs Parvati and Phaedra to let him eliminate Bergie, as he’s unaware he found a shield. If the Traitors try to murder Bergie, this will endanger all three of them, as the Faithfuls figured out all three Traitors were inside during the episode 5 challenge. However, Bergie will be safe from murder because of the shield and banishment because he’s exhibited trustworthiness in episode 6.

12 Trishelle Cannatella

Unlikely To Be Eliminated

Trishelle Cannatella The Challenge

While Trishelle was quite vocal in the first few episodes of The Traitors, after some incorrect misfires, she’s gotten quieter. Most Faithfuls seem to think she’s with them and not a particularly astute Traitor hunter. She wasn’t on the table for murder, but she secretly has a shield, and Janelle is not a current candidate for banishment. Until she becomes more of a threat, she’s unlikely to be murdered or banished.

11 Shereé Whitfield

Unlikely To Be Eliminated

While Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Shereé Whitfield could’ve been on the chopping block after Parvati Shallow’s commentary at the round table in episode 4, the Traitors chose instead to choose Tamra Judge. Shereé isn’t particularly vocal and will likely fly under the radar for a couple more episodes until the Traitors need to throw the Faithfuls off their scent again. She’s unlikely to be banished, as she was one of the players outside in the episode 5 challenge.


9 Phaedra Parks

Unlikely To Be Banished

Phaedra is least likely to be banished next week of the three Traitors. No one suspects her of being a Traitor, and she hasn’t done anything suspicious unless any of the Faithfuls notice her strange response at breakfast to Tamra’s murder. However, if the Traitors chose to murder Bergie, there may be more eyes on Phaedra moving forward. If she makes a severe error in episode 6, she could arouse suspicion, but certainly not more than Dan or Parvati.

8 Kevin Kreider

Unlikely To Be Eliminated

kevin kreider bling empire posing in black shirt necklace CROPPED

Kevin Kreider arouses suspicion from time to time, or his name gets brought up as a potential sacrificial lamb. However, because he was outdoors in the episode 5 challenge if the Traitors attempt to murder Bergie, he’ll likely find himself safe from banishment from his fellow Faithfuls. However, if he gets better at Traitor hunting, he may find himself in hot water. If he tries to go after Dan, the Big Brother alum will strike.

7 Chris “CT” Tamburello

Could Be Eliminated


CT Tamburello gets his name thrown around at the round table, but as long as Dan remains in the game, CT seems safe. Dan is in much more trouble than CT, who appears to be in hot water. If the Traitors choose to attempt murder on Bergie, CT will remain safe. However, if the Traitors go with John or Sandra, which Dan deemed a “waste,” it could put CT in the hot seat again.

6 Peter Weber

Could Be Eliminated

(EMBARGO 1_25 10 p.m. ET) Why The Bachelor's Peter's The Secret Weapon Of The Traitors US Season 2

Peter has proven to be a venerable player in the game but took a significant risk in episode 5. If the Traitors choose to murder Bergie, the Traitors will know that Peter was trying to check out Parvati and Dan. He’s likely to be safe from banishment, but if Dan and Parvati make it through the following round table, they might have to murder him. On the flip side, if the Traitors don’t fall for his trick, he may be under suspicion from his fellow Faithfuls. Peter is likely safe, but he took a gamble.

5 Parvati Shallow

Could Be Eliminated

Parvati is a slippery snake but could be in trouble in episode 6. If the Traitors choose to murder Sandra, she becomes the primary suspect from Survivor. However, if they attempt to murder Bergie, she becomes a suspect by being one of the contestants indoors during the episode 5 challenge. Parvati is only entirely off the chopping block by murdering John. Regardless, the Faithfuls are likely to get rid of Dan first.

4 Mercedes “MJ” David

Likely To Be Eliminated

MJ Javid The Traitors

While some thought MJ could be a Traitor, she escaped the heat in recent episodes. It’s possible she could still be murdered or banished, but there are much more suspicious individuals. Additionally, she’s aligned with Dan, so he’s unlikely to sacrifice her if he makes it through the following round table. Her name was brought up as a potential Traitor murder, putting her in trouble. However, if Dan gets in trouble, MJ’s friendship with him looks suspicious, and she may find herself ripe for banishment or murder.

3 John Bercow

Likely To Be Eliminated

John Bercow from The Traitors Smiling Outdoors

The former speaker of the U.K. Parliament is on the Traitors’ potential murder list for next week. While Dan thinks it would be a waste of a vote, it’s probably the only one to save all three Traitors. If the Traitors try to murder Bergie, John is probably safe, as he doesn’t arouse enough suspicion yet at the round table. His fate lies entirely with the Traitors.

2 Sandra Diaz-Twine

Likely To Be Eliminated

Sandra Diaz-Twine on The Traitors Promotional Poster

Sandra is in trouble. If the Traitors choose to murder her, it will put heat on Parvati, but she’ll also be out of the game. On the other hand, if the Traitors murder John or attempt to murder Bergie, she will arouse suspicion. Sandra must make a compelling argument to avoid elimination or hope Dan becomes too apparent of a Traitor to avoid.

1 Dan Gheesling

Most Likely To Be Eliminated

Monage of The Traitors US Season 2’s Dan Gheesling and Larsa Pippen looking serious

Dan may be one of the best Big Brother players of all time, but if he survives next week, he is reality TV gameshow royalty. By not trusting Parvati in her suspicions of Peter, he lets his fear and confidence get the best of him as he begs to murder Bergie. If there is murder attempted on Bergie, the Big Brother mastermind is likely done for. However, he can talk his way out of anything. While Dan is most likely to be murdered, there’s no saying what this Traitors US player is capable of.

The Traitors US season 2 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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