Why Alan Ritchson Resorted To Testosterone Therapy To Bulk Up For Reacher Season 2


  • Alan Ritchson turned to testosterone therapy for his role in Reacher season 2 after sustaining damage to his body during bulking up for season 1.
  • Ritchson’s use of testosterone is a long-term approach to continue playing the character for many years and avoid frequent surgeries.
  • He advocates for testosterone therapy, especially for people in their forties and above, as it can have various benefits beyond muscle growth, such as mood stabilization.

Alan Ritchson has provided a candid explanation for why he turned to testosterone therapy for his role in Reacher season 2. Based on the best-selling Jack Reacher book series by author Lee Child, the actor made his original debut as the former military policeman-turned-drifter in 2022’s critically acclaimed season 1. More recently, the first three episodes of Reacher season 2 premiered on Prime Video, following confirmation that Reacher season 3 is already in development.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health UK, Ritchson spoke about the damage his body sustained bulking up for Reacher season 1 and how he needed to turn to testosterone replacement therapy for his return to the role in season 2. Admitting that his previous training regime had “ravaged [his] body,” the 41-year-old actor revealed that he hopes to continue playing the character for many more years to come and doesn’t want to “have surgery after every season.” As such, he has found more success by combining a low clinical dose of testosterone combined with his impressive exercise regimen. Check out his comments below:

I ravaged my body. I mean, I had a broken AC (acromioclavicular) joint in my shoulder, [which] I had to have repaired. There was a huge imbalance in hormones in my body. I was falling apart. So while I made it happen, it’s probably true that it shouldn’t happen that fast, that way.

Getting on testosterone was huge for me. I had none by the time I was done with season one, due to the stress and the fatigue and what I had done to my body. For me, it’s a long game. I want to do Reacher for 15 years… I don’t want to have to have surgery after every season, and testosterone helps.

I’m a big advocate of it, especially for people in their forties or above. [Men aren’t] aware that it’s out there, but it could be really life changing. It could be a mood stabilizer for people… It can do a lot more than just help you be buff, but it certainly helped in my journey.

It definitely helps with muscle growth. If you take a little bit and then you work your ass off in the gym like you normally would, you’re going to see huge results.

Hollywood Is No Stranger To Celebrity Hormone Therapy

Alan Ritchson's Jack Reacher topless in Reacher

While the use of hormone therapy has been a contentious topic for many in the professional sporting world, Ritchson’s candid admission of his use of testosterone is far from the first time Hollywood celebrities have turned to the treatment for help. In 2007, when Sylvester Stallone began preparing himself for his penultimate outing as John Rambo, he was also more than vocal about using testosterone therapy to aid in his preparation for the physically demanding role.


Reacher Season 2 Premiere Recap: 14 Biggest Story Reveals

Reacher season 2 returns with a massive three-episode premiere that not only lays out Jack’s new mission but also looks at his military past.

Shooting down claims that conflated testosterone use with steroid abuse, Stallone bluntly explained that “anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed” and even directly echoed Ritchson’s calls that people over the age of 40 should potentially investigate its use. While it is fundamentally true that any treatment has the potential for abuse and harm if administered improperly, Ritchson’s turn to using testosterone is a carefully considered move backed by medical advice and aimed at minimizing further potential harm.

With any number of actors renowned for putting their bodies under extreme stress to prepare for their onscreen roles, Ritchson’s approach seems far more sensible than the assorted crash diets or rapid bulking schemes employed by many of his contemporaries. With Reacher‘s leading star being open about his diet and regimen, his strategy will enable him to keep playing the lead role for many more seasons to come without doing his body irreparable harm in the process.

Source: Men’s Health UK


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