Will There Be A Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2?


  • Despite being saved from cancellation, Amazon has not renewed Tell Me Your Secrets for season 2, suggesting lack of interest or underperformance.
  • Reviews for season 1 were mixed, indicating that critical reception may not have been the sole reason for potential cancelation.
  • The finale of season 1 left several loose ends, leaving room for a potential continuation of the story in Tell Me Your Secrets season 2.

Following the dark mystery of the first season of the Amazon Prime Video series concluding in 2021, there are some questions about whether Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 is happening. Developed for TV by Harriet Warner, the series follows three people each attempting to deal with their dark past that won’t leave them alone. With big-named talents like Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater attached to the project, Tell Me Your Secrets delivered a tangled web of thrilling twists and turns during its first season. Drawing apt comparisons to the works of author Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects), the series was an unrelenting journey into the darkness of its characters’ minds.

Tell Me Your Secrets‘ path to the screen was not a smooth one, and it was completely scrapped from its original network. Initially slated to air on TNT, the series was cut from the schedule and left to drift in limbo before it was snatched up by Amazon and became one of the many Amazon Prime Video shows. While the first season of the series explored the dark and mysterious lives of its three main characters, some fans are looking for more to be revealed with Tell Me Your Secrets season 2.

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Tell Me Your Secrets Cast & Character Guide

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Amazon Prime Video Has Not Renewed Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

Poor Reviews And Lack Of Popularity Could Have Killed The Show After One Season

Despite saving the series from its limbo in 2020, Amazon has not renewed Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Curiously, the show has not been officially canceled either, though the years of silence seem to suggest that the project is dead in the water. The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 saw a big push for new streaming content to keep up with the demand, and, likely, Amazon didn’t see the return on investment that they had hoped for when they purchased the once-scrapped thriller series.

Reviews were middling at best for Tell Me Your Secrets season 1 (via Rotten Tomatoes), but a bad critical reception is rarely enough for a show to be canceled as long as viewers are tuning in. Though streamers like Prime Video are typically not forthcoming about their viewership numbers, it’s safe to assume that Tell Me Your Secrets underperformed, which led Amazon to lose interest in the project. The fact that they scooped up a complete 10-episode series indicates that they might have just been looking for anything to put on the platform, and Amazon may have had no interest in a long-running series unless it was a smash hit.


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What Could Happen In Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2?

Season 1 Ended With Many Loose Ends To Tie Up

Chiara Aurelia looking dazed while having her hair washed in Tell Me Your Secrets

Though the ending of Tell Me Your Secrets season 1 could have made the show stand alone as a complete story, it didn’t do a very good job of tying up all the numerous loose ends and seemed to suggest that there was more to the tale. Season 2 of Tell Me Your Secrets would likely immediately address the revelation regarding Emma’s daughter Freya, whom she was then looking for. Additionally, John’s miraculous return from the brink of death was a shocking moment to finish out the season, but it clearly wasn’t the end of his story.

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