Wolverine Reveals His Greatest Weapon as the Ultra-Bloody SABRETOOTH WAR Begins


  • Wolverine’s greatest weapon against Sabretooth is patience, but it may not be enough to defeat him in the upcoming Sabretooth War.
  • Wolverine is seemingly recruiting his son, Daken, to help him in his war against Sabretooth and his army.
  • Building a team and practicing patience in delivering strikes at the perfect time may be the key to Wolverine winning the Sabretooth War.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Wolverine #41 While the two mutant killers have been at each other’s throats for decades, Wolverine and Sabretooth are about to enter their bloodiest conflict yet with the start of the upcoming Marvel Comics event: Sabretooth War – during which Wolverine will reveal his greatest secret weapon.

In a preview for Wolverine #41 by Victor LaValle, Benjamin Percy, Geoff Shaw, and Cory Smith, fans are given the opening pages to the Sabretooth War, an event that officially begins in this Wolverine issue – and it doesn’t hold back on the gore.

Wolverine #41 - The Sabretooth War Preview page 1.

Wolverine #41 - The Sabretooth War Preview page 2.

Wolverine #41 - The Sabretooth War Preview page 3.

Wolverine #41 - The Sabretooth War Preview page 4.

Wolverine #41 - The Sabretooth War Preview page 5.

The preview opens with Wolverine perched upside down on a ceiling, his claws embedded in the structure to secure him. Wolverine thinks to himself, “The greatest weapon in a hunter’s arsenal is patience”, as he’s watching Sabretooth brutally murder other members of the X-Men. Finally, Wolverine leaps from his position at Sabretooth, attempting to deliver a killing blow as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, Sabretooth grabs Logan by the throat before he can get to Creed, leaving Wolverine’s fate uncertain. The preview then cuts to Logan tracking down his son, Daken, in the North Pole, seemingly to recruit him in his war against Sabretooth.


“I Gave Him an Eye”: Wolverine Debuts the Grossest Use for His Healing Factor Yet

As Wolverine fights for his life, he makes a grisly sacrifice that shows just how far he’ll push his healing factor to come out on top.

Patience Is Wolverine’s Greatest Weapon Against Sabretooth – But Will That Be Enough?

Wolverine fighting an army of Sabretooths.

It’s clear from the pages provided that patience alone – while it may be Wolverine’s greatest weapon – may not be enough to take Sabretooth down, and this preview isn’t the only evidence of that. The buildup towards the Sabretooth War event began at the start of the Krakoan Era within the pages of House of X/Powers of X, when Sabretooth was imprisoned within the Pit of Krakoa. After his escape, Sabretooth left Krakoa and formed his own team, and their adventures were chronicled in the pages of Sabretooth and the Exiles. Sabretooth and the Exiles – while short-lived – was integral to Sabretooth’s war with Wolverine and the X-Men, as it is within that series that Sabretooth obtained the means to travel the multiverse, and where he recruited an army of Sabretooth variants. Now, with his Sabretooth army, Earth-616’s Victor Creed is ready to slaughter Wolverine and the X-Men.

The opening pages of this preview show Sabretooth effectively winning, as he killed seemingly every member of the X-Men before killing Wolverine himself. At this point, it’s unclear if that was a potential future or an alternate reality (perhaps showing the success of one of Sabretooth’s variants in another universe). But one thing that seems clear is that Wolverine is not resigned to such a grim fate quite yet, as the final pages of this preview show him recruiting Daken – his son and fellow ‘Wolverine’. This could mean that Logan is building his own army of ‘Wolverines’, just without traveling the multiverse to do it, and that may very well be enough to challenge Creed and win the Sabretooth War.

Logan Is Building His Own Wolverine Army to Fight Sabretooth & His Variants

Wolverine fighting alongside his children.

Patience is Wolverine’s greatest weapon, but patience is useless without effective action at the perfect time. The opening of this preview proves that Wolverine can’t beat Sabretooth and his army alone, but if he can build a team, and practice patience when delivering strikes against Sabretooth at the perfect time, then Wolverine could actually win the Sabretooth War. In doing so, Wolverine would prove that patience isn’t his only greatest weapon, but that teamwork is as well.

Wolverine #41 by Marvel Comics is available January 10, 2024.

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