Yoda’s Master Had a Force Weapon Deadlier Than a Lightsaber


  • Yoda learns a rare ability called Stonepower from a little-known master, named Garro.
  • While Yoda can not use the Force to affect the mysterious blue stone, Garros can, thanks to “Stonepower.”
  • A rare event in Star Wars lore, Yoda asks to become Garros’ student, and learn the ways of the blue stone (as well as humility and redemption).

Lightsabers are synonymous with Star Wars, but there’s another Force weapon which is deadlier to Jedi – and it was wielded by Yoda‘s little-known master from the Vagadarr system.

While Yoda was trained as a Jedi in the usual way (by a being named ‘N’Kata Del Gorm’ in Legends canon), he had another master who tutored him in a far rarer ability – Stonepower. This was a version of the Force which applied only to the shimmering blue rocks of one unnamed planet.


In Star Wars #27 – by Jason Aaron and Salvador Larrocca – Yoda investigates a mysterious planet, finding it populated solely by children, who have broken into warring groups. The children carry weapons made of a blue stone which Yoda is shocked to realize he can’t manipulate using the Force. But someone else can.

Yoda Took a New Master to Learn Stonepower

Yoda's Force ghost with a blurred background of stars

After an attempt at diplomacy, Yoda is taken to a gigantic blue mountain – the source of the material – and sentenced to travel inside to its heart, where the children believe he’ll be consumed. Instead, Yoda discovers a young man – Garro – who is able to control the blue stone with his mind. Yoda requests to become the young warrior’s student, even declaring the boy his new master in a moment of impressive humility.

However, once Yoda discovers the secret of the blue stone – that it has been mined from gigantic rock creatures native to the planet – he sets to work bringing peace to the warring groups, eventually gaining the Stonepower for himself thanks to Garro’s teachings. Years later, a young Luke Skywalker reads an account of Yoda’s adventure and sets off to investigate. On the mysterious planet, he finds Garro – now alone thanks to Yoda’s efforts, and wielding a set of blue-stone knives with his unique Stonepower. Garro is consumed by vengeance for how Yoda changed his world, and Luke is shocked to realize that he can’t use the Force to stop the knives. Luke is repeatedly stabbed and disarmed by the knives, which hover and attack from every direction, even as he attempts to fight them off.

Garro’s Stonepower Knives Beat Luke Skywalker


Lightsabers are a sophisticated weapon, but they’re also honorable, drawing on skill and a connection to the Force to use effectively. Garro’s knives are far more duplicitous, and it’s for this reason that he’s able to repeatedly wound Luke, despite the young hero wielding first the Force, then a blaster, then his lightsaber against the threat. Garro’s knives show how dangerous it is for Jedi to face a weapon they can’t use the Force to control – especially when their opponent can. Indeed, Luke never actually beats Garro – instead, Yoda’s former master has a change of heart and sacrifices his life to bring back the blue stone creatures his people almost drove to extinction, with Luke finishing the job once his life force is spent.

The Force Still Has Infinite Secrets

star wars luke skywalker stonepower-1

While fans may think they understand the Force, this story makes it clear that the energy field expresses itself in infinitely varied ways, and even a single unknown planet might contain secrets no Jedi or Sith has ever confronted before. Curious and humble, Yoda was willing to acknowledge that Garro knew something he didn’t and to study under him, but ironically Garro’s own ego couldn’t accept the changes Yoda brought about after mastering the Stonepower.

Garro’s knives were a relic of immense cruelty, and while Yoda‘s master clung to that darkness for as long as he could, ultimately this Star Wars story saw him accept his student’s lesson of humility and seek redemption – something Luke Skywalker helped him achieve.

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