You’re Probably Making An Infamous Part Of Baldur’s Gate 3 Harder Than It Has To Be


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players numerous ways to approach situations, but sometimes, the less obvious ones make certain parts of the game easier.
  • In the Moonrise Towers section of Act Two, players can choose to pretend to be a cult member to gain access and free prisoners stealthily. There are multiple paths and strategies, and players can even abandon their pretense once inside.
  • Completing some additional side quests can provide extra help in Moonrise Towers.

The hard way out is often easier to come by in Baldur’s Gate 3. In a game with so much player freedom and variety of choice, there are seemingly infinite ways to approach every situation. Sure, there’s the choice between a good or evil playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, but more importantly, there’s also the option to be morally gray. Robbing friendly NPCs when no one’s watching, making deals only to break them later, turning on the good guys once they’ve served their purpose – all this is entirely possible, and can even make certain parts of the game easier.

But sometimes, the easiest way out of a sticky situation isn’t readily apparent. BG3 often refuses to hold the player’s hand. It walks them into a scenario, introduces its stakes and major players, and then leaves the rest up to the player to figure out. On occasion, this approach makes it difficult for the player to realize just how many options they have at their disposal. Taking the most obvious route can be risky, but thinking outside the box can create easy solutions.


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The Party Doesn’t Have To Kill Everyone In Moonrise Towers

How To Free The Moonrise Towers Prisoners Stealthily

Without doing a little experimentation, it’s easy to think that the only path out of Moonrise Towers is to kill anyone who stands in the party’s way – but as it turns out, pretending to be a cult member is much easier. All the main and side quests of Act Two in Baldur’s Gate 3 lead to Moonrise Towers, a looming megadungeon presided over by the villainous Ketheric Thorm. It’s positively crawling with True Souls, members of the Cult of the Absolute. Given the evil they’ve already visited on the Shadow-Cursed Lands, it’s tempting to go on a rampage.

But there are numerous ways to get into the tower: help Jaheira and the Harpers kill the guards as they seek to free the cult’s prisoners, enlist aid from one of the weirdest NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3, or simply walk up to the door, introduce the party as a group of True Souls, and walk right in. Pretending to be a committed member of the cult isn’t always the most appealing choice, especially for those attempting a good-aligned playthrough. However, this strategy can be used to open doors, and then immediately abandoned as soon as it becomes inconvenient.

So, once the party’s inside, they can explore the tower freely. Eventually, they’ll come to the prison, where several gnomes and tieflings are held captive. Chief among them are Wulbren, who can help with disabling the Steel Watch later in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Lia, a tiefling they may have met earlier in the Emerald Grove. Most see this and attack the guards, only to bring the entire remaining population of the towers crashing down on them. However, pretending to be a True Soul again can get the party past another locked door.

The guards aren’t enthusiastic about the prospect of letting the party in to visit the prisoners, but with a surprisingly low DC 14 Persuasion or Deception check, they can be convinced. From there, Wulbren will provide a simple solution: head upstairs to where they took his equipment, bring back his hammer, and he’ll smash out the back of his cell. This is certainly one way to complete the quest, but there’s an even easier one. Wulbren’s hammer isn’t strictly necessary.

If the party instead jumps over the gap near the end of the prison corridor, they’ll find themselves in a waterlogged cave on the other side of the weakened walls, complete with a chained-up boat. First, they should break the chains. If they then break the walls themselves at roughly the same time (they’ll need a means of attack with blunt or force damage), then immediately get the prisoners into the boat, a cutscene will trigger. Wulbren and Lia will head back to the Last Light Inn, and when the party returns, the guards will be gone.


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Other Ways To Make Moonrise Towers Easier

Barnabus, the kitchen gnoll, hunched over in a screenshot from Baldur's Gate 3.

Now, the party may have noticed a couple of vaguely purple-glowing orbs as they’ve peered into the more restricted areas of Moonrise Towers. These are Scrying Eyes, and if they look familiar, that’s because Minthara had one in her office at the Shattered Sanctum all the way back in Act One. Per Forgotten Realms lore, Scrying Eyes transmit news of intruders to their allies. In Baldur’s Gate 3, this manifests as calling backup, making all other NPCs in the area immediately hostile. They can be tricky to deal with, as they ignore initiative and continue moving regardless of turn order.

As a result, it’s always best to destroy Scrying Eyes before entering battle. Scrying Eyes factor into two potential Moonrise Towers fights: the one with the prison guards, and the one in the evidence room where Wulbren’s hammer is located. Of course, if anyone sees this, they’ll attack. However, if the party plans on fighting someone anyway, they’re much better off doing so without a Scrying Eye involved. Taking them out first not only makes these fights easier, but also prevents the other cultists in the tower from recognizing the party, allowing them to complete whichever side quests they’d like.

Another side quest can help immensely in the battles for Moonrise Towers. The party should visit the kitchen before proceeding to the prison, at which point they’ll meet a gnoll cook named Barnabus and his trainer Linsella. However, it quickly becomes clear that Linsella is exerting psychological control over Barnabus. Break the spell with a DC 16 Wisdom check, and the gnolls will attack. If the gnolls are successfully convinced not to turn on the party next, with a DC 16 Persuasion, Intimidation, or Wisdom check, they’ll join them in fighting against their former masters.

Looting Linsella grants the party her Illithid Parasite Specimen, which they can use to buy additional Illithid powers.

Of course, all this is optional, and some solutions may work better for other parties than others. While this is arguably the easiest way to break Wulbren and Lia out of prison, others may prefer a more direct approach and the challenging battle that follows. Still others may prefer not to let them out of their cells at all. It may not be the most consequential choice in Baldur’s Gate 3, but there are far more options than are immediately obvious.

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